We, in ELM GROUP, sees you the customer, as an active partner, and committed to give you a quality service based on expertise, professionalism, availability, accessibility, kindness and patience in order to meet your maximum needs.

As part of our commitment and endless efforts to constantly improve our service system, we joined I VISION MECHATRONICS company which was established on 2010 by Mr. Vladimir Deor, mechatronics engineer, and different specialties in electricity, electronics, control and applies mathematics.

The company provides service solutions to companies engaged to metalwork, with computerized CNC machines, nationwide and in short response times.

We have an intensive service system spanning 2 branches in Israel, the first in “Haifa bay” and the second in “Rosh Ha’ayin”. in both branches variety stock of and very advanced equipment. if the desired part is not in our stock, we will provide it to you as quickly as possible from variety of our suppliers around the world.

our service system includes a team with professional technicians specialized in solving problems with electronically systems, mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Performing unique periodic maintenance to machines, been performed in the highest level in the market while keeping and obey the instructions of the manufacturer.

spare parts will be approved in advance with the customer.



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