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KOYO GIKEN company was founded in 1976 by a group of mechanical designers in Japan in order to provide the highest quality design spot welding machine.

The company has sold over 2,500 machines in Japan and 25 other countries.

To reach durable quality spot welding, KOYO GIKEN is been strict on several aspects:

  1. Safety – simple and easy welding operation without the need for prior knowledge
  2. Security – promises strong and beautiful result
  3. Cost reduction – raising productivity and reducing costs – obtaining a perfect result without the need to manually finish the job.
  4. Friendly environment – clean air, no sparks, reduced energy consumption by about 1/8 from the rest of the welding.

You can also weld thick coated materials such as AL, QS, ZAM, EZN etc., at high speed.

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