5-axis horizontal machining centers - a technological revolution !!!

GROB WERKE GERMANY company was established in 1926. Long-term thinking, closeness to the customer, guarantees for quality, innovative strength and technology leadership resulting from technical knowledge combined with high level creativity committed to absolute accuracy –  these are the cornerstones of GROB WERKE GERMANY that thanks to them, earned repeatedly the trust of its customers, enabling it to expand and consolidate its position in the worldwide  market for decades.

As a company aimed to the future technology, GROB insist on data security, safe working environment, reducing energy consumption and uncompromising product quality. From many years of experience and knowledge of the global market demands,  GROB is proud to provide its customers with optimized 5 axis horizontal machine centers. Universal 5 axis horizontal machine centers such as  G350- GENERATION 2 ,G350T, G550, G750, G550T G750T and G1050, offering unlimited processing options for a wide variety of materials.

GROB has solutions for a single machine in precise and fast production, with attractive repeatability and a wide variety of materials GROB has the ability to build machine lines with rotating  tables from 2 tables to more than 200 rotating tables. These systems include full production of GROB.

Whether it’s in the automotive, aviation, pharmaceutical or metal field the  GROB machines adapted to meet all your needs and your specification, the customer. Compact design, clear display, highly accessible work area, convenient and bright human engineering, intelligent systems for cleaning and measurement, and the efficiency and reliability of the work procedure are just some of the advantages of the machine.

GROB has a service system which operates 24/7 and allows remote troubleshooting takeover within instant response times.

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