The current range of products consists of the G350 / G550 / G750 which have excellently proven themselves in various applications in all industries.

 The structure of the machine is identical in all models and the difference between them is expressed in the size of the machine

X – 800MM

Y – 1020MM

Z – 1020MM

A –   -180°/+45°

B- 360°

working diameter- 900mm

FEED- X-65 / Y-50 / Z-80



  RADIUS- 900*610MM

 PART SIZE- 900*785MM

  Ability to process at negative angles

 WEIGHT- 20,900KG

Compact and stable design

* Optimal access to the work area (maximum Tool length 465 mm)

* Optimal automation for quick loading of parts – Options for warehouse tools in unlimited quantities

*rotating table to the roof

* Chips fall on their own



* COMPACT RIGID DESIGN- Optimal visibility and accessibility to the working area. State-of-the-art GROB  technology for the highest dynamics and machine rigidity with optimal flexibility and high economic efficiency. These are the advantages of GROB standalone universal machining centers.

* HORIZONTAL SPINDLE POSITION- An optimal chip discharge is achieved in conjunction with the arrangement of the workpiece axis. The machine offers the largest Z stroke as opposed to comparable machines. the horizontal spindle position gives the machine max. stability.

* SUBSTRUCTURE- the machine’s bed, Y column and the cross slide are inherently rigid welded construction. the Y slide and the swiveling/ rotary table housing are cast iron structure. The machine positioned and aligned on three leveling elements. two more leveling elements provides additional stability.

* AXIS CONTROL- three linear and two rotary axis enable 5-sides machining as well as 5-axis simultaneous interpolation. The machine, therefore, offers the highest possible degree of freedom : A- 225 degrees, B- 360 degrees.

* HIGH ECONOMIC EFFECIANCY- The machine optimally suitable for wet and dry machining. It’s compact design requires only very small floor space.

* OPTIONAQL AUTOMATIO- A pallet changer and/or a pallet magazine are available for automatic workpiece change.

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