Common Questions

We know you have questions about our agency. So we’ve grouped the most common ones and answered them in detail.

Horizontal milling provides a revolutionary approach to the processing of relatively high parts in the form of a glass or a box by removing the chips by itself because of the 90 ° processing angle.
Such work gives maximum processing speed because there are no chips that burrow in part. Significantly improves the quality of the area, saving the tools’ life and more.
GROB is a German company that develops technologically from time to time while maintaining a unique patent – the OVERHEAD – table in a 5-axis GROV machine knows to roll at an angle of 225 °.
By making the chips fall on their own, they can be processed in the air, oil, without emulsion, while still preserving the life of the vessel and the nature of a beautiful area

The spindle lies throughout the casting of the machine, hence the tool is most stable during processing.

In addition, in the GROB machine, as standard, rulers are used on all axis and cooling the screws.

In the 5-axis horizontal structure of the GROB machine there is optimal access to any angle required for the employee, including turning the table into a “ceiling” and the ability to rotate the table 360 °.


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