Used mill turn machine


Year of production –  2014

Travels: X-2,600 X 102.36 in Y-1,100 X 43.30 in Z-900 X 35.43 in C-axis direct drive, speed max.725 rpm, integrated balancing system

Siemens 840D

Spindle 10,000 HSK A-100, Swivel head, B-axis, 20-10,000 rpm,

NC Sub-table d700mm (27.3 in), (A-Axis) – left working area

Power 44/32 KW

Tool magazine 120 places

Blum laser control NT-H 3D

Renishaw part measuring (OMP60), 3D – probe for turning tools

3D quickset Toolkit

Chain type with double gripper

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