Our Services

We at ELM GROUP see you as an active partner and commit to providing you with quality service based on expertise and professionalism, availability and accessibility, courtesy and tolerance, in order to meet your needs to the maximum.

As part of this commitment, and our efforts to continuously improve our service system

I VISION MECHATRONICS, founded in 2010 by Vladimir Dior, a mechatronics engineer with various specialties in electricity, electronics, control and applied mathematics.

The company provides service solutions for factories engaged in metal work using CNC machines nationwide and short response times.

We have established an extensive and unique service network spread over two branches in Israel, one in Haifa Bay and the other in Rosh Ha’Ayin.

Both branches have a variety of spare parts and equipment of the most advanced type. If the requested part is not in stock, we will make sure to supply it as quickly as possible from our range of suppliers worldwide.

The goal is to save you the customer, travel costs and positive miles, and of course maximum availability and even immediate if necessary.

This service includes a professional team of technicians, specializing in troubleshooting electronic, mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics systems. (FANUC, MITSUBISHI, HAIDENHAINSIEMENS and others), Which also provides telephone service to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Unique in performing comprehensive periodical treatments for the machines by the qualified technicians of I VISION MECHATRONICS, is performed at the highest level in the market and includes comprehensive and intensive cleaning, free checks and more … All this in order to prolong its life machine and reduce downtime due to malfunctions and prices at the most attractive while obeying To the manufacturer’s instructions.

We specialize in establishing and closing factories in a short time and exclusively.