AKIRA SEIKI company was established in 1985.

The guiding principle of  AKIRA SEIKI is standing alongside its customers while providing high quality service for maximum satisfaction.

Efficient production with highest performance brings to profitability, a fair price, quality care and the future success of the its customers these are AKIRA’s  goals.

The advantages of AKIRA Seiki’s machining centers are derived from continuous uncompromising development for targeted and designed machines, operated by an integrated , simple and efficient system, using reliable, high-quality components, combining process control during the manufacturing , installation testing and quality control.

On production line ,during the production process the company performs various tests such as visual inspection, measurement of dimensions, hardness test, chemical composition analysis, mechanical analysis, and final inspection confirming the uncompromising quality of the machines.

The company has a technical center for the high speed spindles development, collaboration with MITSUBISHI company to create Akira Mi controller for the performance of high cutting, servo positioning axis accurately for complex jobs and accuracy and inspection center which runs through continuous research and development to ensure the quality, longevity, excellence of the machines and customer satisfaction.

Currently operate in the Israel over than 25 machining centers  in 3, 4 and 5 axis

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